Best Apps For Diabetes 2019

Diabetes needs to be treated for a long period of time, sometimes over several years. This causes it a task to stick to the lifestyle of sugar control, like good dieting, physical exercise, and prompt medications. Patients often create mistakes in the management of diabetes either by taking binge carbohydrates on a given day, not practicing enough or by skipping to take medication. Fortunately, today, patients have connections to mobile apps to assist them to handle their diabetes and regulate their blood sugar.

Diabetes implies maintaining a record of a lot of data, from blood sugar measurements and medicines to snacks and physical activity. Although the traditional manner with pen and paper can definitely be documented. However, we live in a technological environment and smartphone applications have grown to become more and more important tools for managing our everyday lives and health. Apps can certainly make life easier with diabetes, from diet and practice to glucose monitoring and health conditions management.

Whether you have form 1, form 2 or gestational diabetes, it is essential for your disease to understand how nutrition, physical activity, and blood sugar interact. However, phone apps can make reading and monitoring easier. Use them to strengthen data on your wellness in one place and know more about your situation, so that you can create educated wellness management decisions. In addition to other wellness applications, the industry for diabetes applications has recently exploded. Overall, during the last two years, the amount of health applications has increased.

Best Carb Counter App For Diabetics

How Can One Select A Diabetes Management App?

Your certified diabetes instructor may help you prioritize which areas of attention, if you are newly diagnosed, and can recommend a simple application. Your diabetes educators will have access to a brand new page that includes thorough assessments of diabetes applications so that they have an additional device to recognize helpful applications.

You may also need to recognize your relative level of comfort to innovation. Many applications have many characteristics, but this can be overwhelming for some individuals. On the other side, one of the most complete applications could be an excellent route for you to tackle diabetes management if you are an individual who enjoys information and technology.

Nevertheless, these decisions are only the start and many alternatives can be explored. Here are the finest diabetes applications for 2019 which focus on those with many excellent user feedback and which have been recently modified.

1. Glucose Buddy Diabetes Tracker

RANKED # 1 Glucose Buddy App is one of the most extensive diabetes managing applications for over 9 years. As shown on the American Diabetes Association, NYTimes,,, Diabetes Health, JDRFNewsletters, and MobiHealthNews. Specific information on


Log blood glucose in one entry readily, medicines and meals

Follow trends in blood glucose, insulin, weight, blood pressure, HbA1C, etc.

Meal IQ will assist you to choose stronger meals and comprehend the effect of your diet on blood. sugar

Add notes for future references in your entries.

Check for hourly modifications in your blood glucose and carb consumption.

Supports mg / dL and mmol / L sugar units.

Track your walks and other cardiovascular events automatically

Open further functions with the Premium subscription

HbA1C automatic calculator so you understand your management for lengthy periods

Customized marks to facilitate registration

The flexibility of reporting schedule variety

No experience ad

Free premium access to top fitness and health apps like Fitness Buddy for the gym and home training, Automatic calory recording Calorie Mama, and so much more!


Platform       Size          Review     Requirement        Rating     Price     In-App

Android        37 MB      4.4           4.0.3 or above       3+           Free       Yes

Apple iOS    197.6MB   4.8           iOS 11.0 or later   4+           Free       Yes

2. My Fitness Pal

Whether You are interested in losing weight, toning, good living, changing practices or starting a fresh lifestyle, My Fitness Pal covers you.

Consumer Diet Rating Reports No. 1

Choice Selection of PC Magazine Editor

No. 1 Fitness and Health app for 4 consecutive years

Wall Street, the Wired, the USA Todays, Family Circle, Marie Claire, NBC, CNET, Shape, the Today Show, and more are also featured at the New York City Times.

Food is fast and easy tracking

Greater Food Database — 11 + million products, including worldwide products and cooking, in our grid.

Scanner barcode — just check barcodes to record food. Recognized 4 + million barcodes.

Recept Importer — Import diet data for the ingredients you prepare easily.

Food insights — Learn how to create healthier food decisions.

Calorie counter – The calories in your food, meal, and recipes are automatically calculated.

Macro Tracker — The macros (carbs, protein, sugar) in your food, in your ingredients and in your ingredients are calculated automatically.

All Nutrients Track — Calories, sugar, fiber, cholesterol, vitamins and more.

Customize your diary – Sign up your own food, morning, lunch, dinner, and sweets.

Responding to Your Goals

Log Cardio — Running, walking, biking, swimming, yoga, etc.

Log strength training — Sets, reps and weight of each collection included.

Track steps – Set a daily step objective to see a chart of your step history.

We link to all of your favorite applications and applications, such as MapMyFitness, Runkeeper, Strava, Runtastic, Misfit, Withings, HealthKit, etc.

Responding to Your Goals

Choose A Objective — We promote weight reduction, weight increase, and retention objectives.

Target Setting – generate your own objectives or let us develop customized objectives, including calories and macro targets for you.

Change Habits — It's just like a nutrition coach inside your pocket.

Add friends – Connect to buddies for additional assistance and accountability level.

Chart your progress — Maintain a chart of how you can improve over moment.

Nutrition Reports — Calorie background, macros, and consumption of nutrients.


Platform       Size            Review     Requirement               Rating     Price     In-App

Android         22MB       4.6            Varies with device       3+           Free       Yes

Apple iOS     187.5MB   4.7            iOS 11.0 or later         4+           Free       Yes

3. My Sugr

The mySugr app will help create your life easier: it logs information and you can obtain regular treatment information such as snacks, diets, medicines, blood glucose, Insulin, carbon and more. Include a mySugr app in your diabetes plan (Type 1 diabetes type 2, gestation diabetes).3 times Healthline's Top Diabetes App. Shown in the Washington Post, Forbes and TechCrunch.


Easy and individual recording screens with transparent blood sugar concentration charts (nutrition, medications, carbohydrates, foods, blood glucose concentrations & more).

HbA1c at a look estimated, no doubts at all

Challenges and feedback motivating for the management of type 1 and type 2 diabetes

Medical analysis daily, weekly, and monthly

Detailed reporting to your physician

Secure information backup and licensed medical instrument (constructed with compliance, performance and security regulations).


Intelligent search: location, snacks, events

Save or store your information for you or your physician PDF / Excel accounts

Blood sugar reminders: scan & register You will not miss

Food pictures: tap your food to enhance the number of carbs


Platform       Size              Review     Requirement        Rating     Price     In-App

Android        48 MB          4.6           5.0 or above          3+           Free       Yes

Apple iOS    140.3.6MB    4.7           iOS 11.0 or later   4+           Free       Yes


4. Diabetes Connect 

Diabetes Connect can help you manage your insulin faster by creating the application job for you. Toggle functions on or off based on the use of your dashboard and to best view it through a phone or web browser. with just a few taps, you can quickly and easily document all your diabetes information and generate all your documents. Diabetes Connect can track your blood glucose, food, insulin injections, medications and much more while all your information is in your bag. Your attributes can be synchronized on several systems, and current paperwork can be provided to you wherever you are. You can also use our website for accessing your information and generate your imports and statistics.


Manage all your data about diabetes

Useful for diabetics Type1 and Type2

Mg/dl and mmol / l are supported

Follow your snacks like bread, carbohydrate units

Get important statics right in the app

Multiple device synchronization


Platform       Size        Review    Requirement          Rating    Price       In-App 

Android       7.1 MB    4.5           4.0 or above          3+           Free        Yes

Apple iOS   27.1MB   4.5           iOS 9.0 or later      17+         Free        Yes

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